Officially, the 39-year-old Taha Subhi Falaha, better known as Abu Mohammed al-Adnani was spokesman for the so-called Islamic State: a vitriolic but compelling rhetorician for the caliphate whose imprecations—against America, the Shia, insufficiently pious Muslims and eventually al-Qaeda—earned him the nickname “attack dog.”

Now he’s a dead one, according to the organization he served.

In a statement, the ISIS propaganda agency Amaq said he was “martyred while surveying the operations to repel the military campaigns in Aleppo,” in Syria.

The Pentagon is being cautious, or perhaps a little coy. A senior defense official said “coalition forces conducted an airstrike in al-Bab, Syria,” and the target was a “senior leader” in ISIS. But, “We are still assessing the results of the operation at this time.”

Adnani would be by far the most important ISIS leadership target yet eliminated by coalition forces.

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