With the current global war on terror, and most recently, the tragic mass shooting in Orlando, more civilians are carrying a firearm for protection than ever before. As a concealed carry citizen, you’re goal is to protect your family, yourself, or others in harms way, right? A lot of folks think that their pistol, a couple of magazines and firearms training will more than likely increase their survivability in a violent situation. This is somewhat true. But when the dust settles after a violent engagement, you look down and realize you’ve been hit in the leg. Or your wife is bleeding from a gunshot wound to the arm. Or, in the confusion of the situation, you overshot your target and hit an innocent bystander before neutralizing the threat. What will your pistol do now? Nothing. This is why everyone that carries a firearm should also carry a medical kit like the Trauma Pak Pro from Adventure Medical Kits.

Josh from Precision Rifle Supply was kind enough to send us a Trauma Pak Pro to share with our readers, one of the most compact essential medical kits on the market. The Trauma Pak Pro is a very compact kit measuring 5″x3.5″x2″ easily fitting into a cargo pocket, glove compartment or added to an existing medical kit. The Trauma Pak Pro even has belt loops for securing it to yourself or equipment. Tear open the velcro flap and you’ll find these 7 essential items:

Adventure Medical Kits | Trauma Pak Pro
Contents of Trauma Pak Pro

A basic understanding of first aid is essential for assessing a trauma but the instruction manual included in the Trauma Pak Pro covers a lot of the common situations. Take the time to read over the instructions before you’re actually in a traumatic event. The SWAT-T is an innovative tourniquet that requires little to no training to apply. Using the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method, the SWAT-T is a 4″ wide piece of latex free rubber that can easily be applied by simply Stretching the rubber, Wrapping the extremity And finally Tucking the remaining material. Take a few minutes to watch the instructional video below, provided by SWAT-T, illustrating the various uses of their simple tourniquet.

Another critical item in the Trauma Pak Pro is the QuickClot Advanced Clotting Sponge. This allows the user to rapidly apply a lifesaving measure to control bleeding. The QuickClot Sponge is simplicity at it’s finest. Just open the pack and apply the sponge to the wound and secure it with a wrap. The SWAT-T is also versatile and can be used as a pressure dressing by not stretching it as you would when using it as a tourniquet. QuickClot contains Zeolite beads in a non adherent 3.5″x3.5″ mesh pack allowing an easy and clean application and removal process. Below is a quick demonstration of how QuickClot works.

Bottom line: If you’re willing to cary a firearm with the intention of using it as protection, you also have a responsibility to carry a medical kit capable of treating the damage you may inflict. The Trauma Pak Pro includes the essential medical items required to quickly and effectively treat a gun shot wound or other traumatic injury. I now carry the Trauma Pak Pro with me whenever I have my pistol and am implementing them into my vehicles as well as my camping medical kit. While you’re strapping on your pistol, sliding a knife into your pocket along with your other EDC items, consider adding the Trauma Pak Pro to your Every Day Carry and prepare to save a life…possibly your own.