Global aerospace giant Boeing and defense technology startup Shield AI are exploring advanced aerospace strategic collaborations with their new AI pilots for current and future defense programs.

As artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous capabilities become increasingly crucial regarding warfighter safety and efficacy, the new partnership between Boeing and Shield AI embarks on their multimillion project to speed up the delivery of autonomous AI aviation technologies to warfighters.

Under the agreement between Shield AI and Boeing’s experimental Phantom Works division, Shield AI will provide its Hivemind AI pilot system. 

The Hivemind system has already flown aircraft autonomously without GPS, communications, or a human pilot in the cockpit. This could potentially be a huge bonus when utilized by warfighters during unmanned missions.

The announcement was made at the recent Air Force Association Warfare Symposium, where both companies expressed optimism about their collaborative efforts moving forward.

The partnership between Shield AI and Boeing’s Phantom Works division will leverage their respective expertise in artificial intelligence and autonomous capabilities.

Boeing Aircraft And Shield AI’s Autonomous Pilots

“AI pilots are the most strategic deterrent technology since the introduction of stealth aircraft and have proven successful in flying air-combat scenarios,” said Ryan Tseng, president and co-founder of Shield AI and a former Navy SEAL.