A young Afghan man and Taliban sympathizer confronted a 73 year old Swedish man by threatening to “kill ten of your people”, and stating that he could “eat humans right now”.  What sparked the incident is not known, but it appears to have taken place prior to the rise of ISIS and only recently surfaced.

Directing his comments towards an elderly man, he accuses Swedes of being rapists and pedophiles deserving of retribution, declaring “an eye for an eye”.

During the course of his rant the man revealed himself to be a 23 year old Afghan immigrant who came to Sweden at the age of 13 thanks to the war. He is seen in the video, which has been posted to the Daily Mail website, saying that he spent time with the Taliban before leaving his native country, but lost an uncle during the fighting.

Yet despite being welcomed by his adopted country it is clear that he has only contempt for the people of Sweden and Europe, who he describes as pedophiles and rapists. It is unclear when or where the video was filmed, although the pensioner speaks with a Gothenburg accent. From the course of their conversation it appears to have been filmed in 2014 just before the rise of Islamic State.

The full transcript is as follows:

“Why am I angry? At this dirty paper system. Every time I go to the hospital I have to write papers.”

“Why did you come here then?”

“Why are there soldiers in my country and kill our children? Tooth to tooth, eye to eye, don’t you get it?

“You who are older must have a lot of experience.”

“I’ll be 73. Yes I have”

“Ask the Africans who have no food to eat. And you eat meatballs and potatoes. Stop it now for I feel revenge, revenge, revenge!”

“You criticise everything here.”

“I criticise only Europeans.”

“But you are in Sweden.”

“Even the Balkan countries hate you.

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“Yes, it will turn out good. Wait and see! Now all your soldiers are out, the Taliban and Mujahedeen are back. Allahu Akbar is back. The Big God. No big bang. They say the big bang created us, who is big bang? Who said that we come from monkeys?

“You will never throw us out of here. Never.

“I have wasted ten years of my life here. If you throw me out, I will kill ten of your people, then I’ll go. It is important to take the lives of others. Because you take our lives in Afghanistan. You have taken the lives of all Africa, don’t you get it?”

“Sweden has not been much in Afghanistan”

“Who is it that collaborates with Americans? Who collaborates with the European Union? Who? It’s you! If you are against that then leave NATO! Why are you in NATO?”

“I love Africa and Somalia. It is they who will pack your boats. Away with your boats from the Mediterranean. Away with your boats from Saudi Arabia.

“Are you kidding me? These Jews, you see the Jews? Can you see the Jews there?

“There are perhaps 20 Jews who have died while we have lost several million people. I’ve lost my uncle.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You drink alcohol and we are not allowed to smoke ganja. I want to smoke as much ‘black afghan’ as I can.

“Why do you drink your alcohol? State drug, state drug. The state drug is alcohol and it makes people become violent. Not hashish because it makes people as quiet as a mouse.


“I’ve grown tired. I’m 23 years old and I have vengeance here [indicating his heart], don’t you get it?

“It means that I can eat humans right now.”

“If you feel that way you should go down there and fight.

“Down there my brothers say ‘Allahu akbar’”

“Why don’t you go and fight?”

“It is because my sisters are small and should not be raped by people like you.”

“I’ve never raped anyone”

“Such disgusting paedophiles like you. I am not such, you see.”

“I’m not a paedophile”

“Not you but generally. Paedophiles.”

According to the Daily Mail he then goes on to say: “Do you know why I feel that way? For I have never slept in my country in peace and quiet. I came from Afghanistan when I was 13 years old. I have been with the Taliban in the Mujahedeen War.

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