The 45th president will be inaugurated this Friday on the 20th amid a storm of controversy which has been brewing for months. According to some reports, President-elect Trump takes his oath amid the lowest opinion polls since George W. Bush who was also sworn in after a controversial election win over Democrat Al Gore. What’s more, President-elect Trump comes in on an historically low approval rating of his transition efforts, a paltry 40% of Americans approve of the Trump transition compared to his three predecessors’ average of 78%.

The Washington Post published an article that outlines all the different polls and compares them to previous presidents and their transitions ad nauseam, however, whether you agree with them or not, President-elect Trump has an uphill battle to fight once he takes the oath, an uphill battle of mostly his own creation.

Since winning his self-described “historic” election, President-elect Trump and his team have made what many Americans believe are missteps. From his cabinet choices, including one who has stepped down amid allegations that she has committed plagiarism in her books and even on her doctoral dissertation, to his constant blatherings on Twitter, lambasting his critics and even nations such as China and the latest thunderstorm being the unsubstantiated claims that America’s sworn enemy, Russia, has some very compromising intelligence on our incoming president.

President-elect Trump has categorically denied the allegations that former British Intelligence officer Christopher Steele has reported to the American intelligence community, stating that these reports are “fake news” and lambasting the media outlets that reported on this information. During his news conference, last week, Mr. Trump erupted when a CNN reporter attempted to ask a question, stating, “your organization is terrible” and then called them “fake news,” refusing to answer the question the reporter posed.