The US Air Force has identified Capt. Paul J. “Stuck” Barbour as the pilot who was killed when his T-38 Talon crashed Monday near Lake Amistad, Texas. Capt. Barbour was one of two instructor pilots in the aircraft when it went down. Capt. Joshua Hammervold, safely ejected and was later released from the hospital.

You were more than a friend,” wrote Ricardo Lubinski VIII. “You were a mentor, a Devil, and a brother! I can’t express how much it hurts losing you. You will be missed and you will be remembered, always!”

The T-38C Talon crashed between subdivisions near Lake Amistad, which is roughly 14 miles northwest of Laughlin Air Force Base on the Texas-Mexico border.

“The Air Force is a close-knit family, and the loss of one of our own affects all of us. Please take a moment to look to your left and right, and if your teammates are struggling, assist in any way you can,” Col. Charlie Velino, 47th Flying Training Wing, commander, said in a statement posted Tuesday on Laughlin’s verified Facebook page. “I express my deepest condolences to the family of our fallen pilot … we share in the sorrow felt by loved ones, but we must not forget the valuable contribution to our country and the impact on our organization.” – USA Today

Capt. Barbour did not eject from the aircraft.

Featured image by US Air Force

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