In response to the demands of the changing armed landscape, the AV 2.2 helmet from California-based LIFT Airborne Technologies has been chosen by the US Air Force (USAF) to become the next generation Fixed Wing helmet.

The next-generation helmet was picked after Air Combat Command started searching for one to address vulnerabilities with chronic back and neck casualties, amplify advanced aircraft technologies, elongate pilot capabilities, and focus on providing greater precision for different aircrews.

AV 2.2 [Source: Lift Airborne Technologies]
According to Aviation, GENTEX Corp. (premium helmet producer) and Idaho-based Aviation Specialties Unlimited collaborated with Tennessee-based Paraclete Aviation Support to create LIFT Technologies’ offering in the prototype phase. 

After testing, the AV 2.2 will be made available to pilots of F-15Es first, followed by all other fixed-wing aircraft services except for the F-35. According to the Air Force, an AV 2.2 manufacturing contract might be granted in 2024.