Air Force’s new eVTOL technology will roll off the production process by 2023.

The Air Force is constructing an acquisition strategy to enter the booming market for space-age flying cars. They are looking to improve the technology by designing and developing a platform that could replace the service’s CV-22 Osprey, according to an announcement made by Will Roper, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics, in 2019. In further discussions, he gave a timetable: these flying automobiles might be rolling off the assembly line by 2023.

The Air Force is still working on the “base technology” as the target date gets closer: an electric vertical takeoff and landing or eVTOL. The new tech is a crewless aircraft that can support a wide range of operations, from cargo transport to golf cart-style transit that can ferry army units over short distances all over training facilities and fields. Air Force authorities, however, call everyone to stop referring to it as a “flying car,” regardless of what it looks like or does.

“We have shied away from flying cars because that’s not what’s not what they are,” Lt. Col. Thomas Meagher, chief of the AFWERX Prime division, which oversees the development, told Sandboxx News.