Tyndall Air Force Base hosted biannual exercise Combat Hammer and Combat Archer respectively during two-week-long Weapon System Evaluation Program-East 23.01 to provide squadrons from across the Department of the Air Force a multi-platform training environment to conduct air-to-ground and air-to-air combat operations.

As today’s combat climate continues to evolve, staying ahead of competition and being able to operate in any scenario is a necessity. Tyndall’s airspace plays a crucial role in training and combat readiness through WSEP-E exercises.

WSEP-E 23.01 showcased the Air Force’s lethality through air-to-air training with exercise Combat Archer and air-to-ground training with exercise Combat Hammer. These exercises also provide invaluable data for strategic planning moving forward.

“Combat Hammer is an all-around evaluation of precision-guided munitions,” said Staff Sgt. John-Barrett Ferreira, 86th Fighter Weapons Squadron WSEP evaluator. “[The goal is to get] from the stage of being built, to weapons deployed, to actually hitting its target to achieve what we call ‘desired weapons’.”