Recently retired Air Force Col. (Dr.) Dean Winslow, who successfully sued a California civilian hospital where he worked for wrongful termination, is donating the entire $1 million windfall to agencies that help war refugees and their children in places like Iraq and Syria.

He doesn’t believe he’s done anything special.

“People say, ‘Oh, that was so wonderful you did that, Dean.’ But … most officers or enlisted who would have been in my position would have done the same thing,” he told Air Force Times.

Winslow, who spent 35 years in the Air National Guard as a medical officer, started his career in the Louisiana Air National Guard.

A physician who specialized in infectious diseases, he went on to serve as a chief flight surgeon, a state air surgeon in the Delaware National Guard, and a medical squadron commander in Baghdad.

He also deployed four times to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan. When advanced medical care became increasingly difficult for civilians in theater, Winslow sponsored and arranged transportation, housing and medical care in the United States for 23 Iraqi children and two adults, who spent weeks, if not months, receiving treatment and recovering from the trauma of war. Some later returned for additional treatments, and hospitals worked with Winslow to continue this program for more than six years.

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Image courtesy of Dean Winslow