Al-Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) will be targeting people who commit eight specific kinds of offenses against their ideology, SITE Intelligence Group has said.

The list of targets were put forth in a statement written in Bangla, dated April 8 and signed by one Mufti Abdullah Ashraf, claiming to be the spokesperson for Ansar Al Islam, or Al Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent, Bangladesh Branch.

US-based extremism monitoring company SITE Intelligence Group uploaded the statement to their website yesterday, saying it was released on the official AQIS website and twitter account.

The AQIS statement comes with the heading, “who are our next targets.”

The first category includes people who make statements against and belittling Allah, the Prophet (SM) and Islam.

It emphasises however, that being an atheist in personal life would not make anyone a target.

“Rather the targets are those who under the guise of atheism and free thought make insults against the Prophet SM and Islam.”

In the second category are the people who are supporting or patronising those making insults against Islam or Allah.