The civilian defensive world is constantly changing. Due to the increase of concealed carriers, possibly the increase in veterans, and in general the increase of prepared people has given us more and more options for enhanced everyday carry. This doesn’t just include firearms and knives, but medical kits and even armor. I recently received a panel of Angel Armor’s Ally One armor. Colored me impressed…so far.

Ally One Armor By Angel Armor | First Look

The Ally One Armor Specs

The Ally One Armor is a 9 x 12-inch ballistic soft armor panel. It exceeds NIJ standards for multiple handgun round protection even though it is superbly light and thin. It’s designed to be fit into a bag and provide basic ballistic protection in an emergency. It can fit in most briefcases, in backpacks, and as I found out my Tactical Tailor Concealed Carry Sling Bag.

This is clearly not go to war armor. It’s made for defensive use, and to give a concealed carrier a lifesaving chance to escape or if necessary engage. When packed correctly you are basically carrying cover with you everywhere you go.