There are a lot of gun belts on the market. I’ve used most of them to some extent or another for varying periods of time. My go to is a simple thick leather belt or The Wilderness instructor belt (5 stitch). I use them because they give where needed and are stiff enough to support a pistol on my belt line. These belts have all performed extremely well throughout the years and I’m impressed by their longevity and reliability. However I’m always looking for something new. That something new comes from Alonso Defense Group with their Covert Gun Belt.

Alonso Defense Group Covert Gun Belt | First Impression

The Alonso Defense Group Covert Gun Belt is stiff. I’m talking, ridiculously stiff. More so than my instructor belt from the wilderness. However it contours and bends easily around the waist and doesn’t chafe over the 20 or so hours I’ve worn it so far. I’ve found that under intense movement (sprinting, going prone, climbing walls, jumping walls) that many of the stiff belts dig in and give you rashes in short order. Because the Covert Gun Belt bends easily around the waist I haven’t encountered this as of yet. Alonso Defense Group searched extensively for materials that would give where needed and when stitched appropriately could be sturdy enough to support the weight of a firearm. They ended up with a 1.5” pliable scuba webbing base. The belt is held closed by Austri Alpin Cobra Buckle, these buckles are as of this writing the strongest quick release buckles available. More than enough plus some extra to hold a gun belt closed.

Alonso Defense Group Covert Gun Belt | First Impression
Austri Alpin Cobra Buckle

The belt has webbing sewn to the outside which is looped through the cobra buckles in order to tighten the entire belt down. I found the setup simple, intuitive and strong. The belt adjusted easily and didn’t shift in my time with it thus far. Wearing a customized Glock 19 with a Surefire X300 U I experienced no sagging and found conceal carry to be comfortable even with that much gun on me. The strength of the belt helped keep the weapon against my body and lead to less printing out in public which is always a good thing. Couldn’t be happier with this belt and it’s performance in the short-term.

Alonso Defense Group Covert Gun Belt | First Impression

I think Alonso Defense Group has a winning combination with their Covert Gun Belt. More testing and evaluation needs to be done before I can give a final verdict but from my initial time with this belt I’m more than pleased. I can see this belt becoming my go to gun belt for the foreseeable future. The Alonso Defense Group Covert Gun Belt combines innovative materials, sturdy construction and a gun-stabilizing-end product that is a winner in my book. I’ll be updating you all in a month as I spend more time with this belt and take it out on several ops. The Alonso Defense Covert Gun Belt currently runs at  85 bucks. Link below.

Alonso Defense Group Covert Gun Belt.


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