At AlumaGrips, they start with T-6 aircraft aluminum and use precision CNC machining to assure precise fit and finish. Alumagrips are designed to fit the whole spectrum of handguns. They cover the Beretta 92, the entire range 1911s, Rugers, Sigs and even the AR-15 . They offer the strength and durability of an aluminum grip with checkering to add stability to any shooter’s grip.

Several years ago, I bought a used Beretta 92FS from a shooting buddy. I some times teach units who shoot the Beretta and I like the gun for nostalgic reasons. It shoots great with a nice trigger (for a Beretta). What I didn’t like was the aftermarket rubber grips that came with it. I like the feel of rubber grips when they are new, but they soon become sticky like a two year old’s toys and the don’t grip well when wet.

I put the Alumgrip Grater in olive gray on my Kimber 1911. They were the solution to my problems and the last step in fixing up an old Beretta. Installation went smoothly, the grips fit perfectly and dropped right on. I used the factory screws and bushings and a few drops of locktite later they were installed and solid.

I love the look of the Olive Grey with the extended Meggar magazine.

At the range, things could not have gone better. I have the purchase I need to control the gun through recoil. These grips stick your hands where they belong.

The guys at Alumagrip designed the Beretta checkered grips with the same precision as all of their products. Designed for maximum purchase, the checkering depth is as aggressive as possible without loosing any structural integrity in the grip.

Color Choices: Black Anodized, Clear Anodized or Olive Gray