This is a special guest post from Ken Miller who recently attended the highly regarded Norwegian winter warfare course. -Jack

A few months back my Unit began asking for volunteers to attend the Norwegian School of Winter Warfare. With my time being stationed in Italy coming to a close in 10 months, I jumped at the opportunity to attend since I figured it to be a once in a lifetime opportunity that I was not going to pass up.

The flight into Oslo landed late in the afternoon on an early January day and after rushing to get my bags, I made it onto the last train out of Oslo Airport to Elverum, where the schoolhouse was located. On the train I met a group of Dutch Marine Junior Lieutenants who were also attending the course along with a few of my fellow Paratroopers. Introductions were made and we made small talk until the train pulled into the Elverum station. The conductor pointed us in the direction where we needed to go and, laden with our bags, we made our way the 300 meters to the camp entrance.

The camp itself was relatively small and quiet with a couple guards checking our ID’s and adding us to the class roster. From there a grizzled logistics officer met us and showed us to our barracks. After squaring away my kit, I racked out; tired and jet lagged but excited to start the course.