It usually takes something special to get one of our writers on the site truly excited and that is exactly what happened this year during NRA 2017 . One of the things in the long list of great new ideas that we got excited about was the American Tactical AR-15 Shotgun, chambered in .410.

Semi automatic shotguns that look like military sporting rifles are nothing new, the Saiga 12 gauge has been out for years, but to our knowledge this is one of the first in .410 and in the AR-15 pattern. Once we started talking to the folks from American Tactical Imports we began to figure out the details of the new shotgun/ rifle.  It uses a milspec AR lower, the magic is all in the upper and the magazines.

Got ammo?  ATI is now making .410 ammunition that won’t break the bank.


Name: Omni Hybrid Maxx

Manufacturer: American Tactical Imports

Caliber: .410 Gauge