LAPD Declares Area of West LA Closed

23:32 EST

The the LAPD has moved into an area of LA where protests have touched off. According to a tweet from the LAPD, a “large and unruly crowd” overtook the area of Pico and Figueroa northwest corner leading to officers declaring an unlawful assembly and issuing a dispersal order. The LAPD is now saying this area is closed.  

Fighting at Black Lives Matter Plaza Reported

22:02 EST

Independent reporter Brenden Gutenschwager tweeted a video from Black Lives Matter Plaza which shows a verbal altercation between protesters that escalated into physical violence. While no serious injuries have been reported, a man wielding a baseball bat can be seen in the video.

St. Louis Remains Quiet, Law Enforcement Working Double Shifts

21:25 EST

In St. Louis, we’ve seen huge turnouts. They have largely been peaceful and uneventful — save for the parking issues, and unusually long lines. I spoke with many voters today who stated they had waited in excess of two hours to cast their votes. 

Polling places around the city and county have been practicing social distancing throughout the day. For the most part, voters have been abiding by the various mask ordinances. Election officials at some of the locations handed each voter his or her own sanitized ballot pen; hand sanitizer was in abundance and in full display of voters.

Despite the peaceful day, numerous business owners in and around St. Louis have boarded up their businesses in advance of any potential unrest that could arise as the election results unfold. Others simply chose to close their doors early this evening. 

Many police officers in the St. Louis area are working extra patrols or double shifts to help ensure a peaceful end to the day’s voting.

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SOFREP contributor Matt Hill reported live from St. Louis, MO. 

Protesters Gather in New York City

21:02 EST

Juliet Papa, a reporter for New York City’s 1010 WINS Radio NYC, has tweeted a live feed from NYPD’s Joint Operations Center showing protesters gathering Union Square.

BBC Says Poll Watcher “Misunderstandings” are Leading to Disinformation Campaigns in Pennsylvania

20:56 EST

The BBC just reported that claims of disinformation in the crucial battleground state of Pennsylvania could simply be caused by misunderstood rules on new poll watching regulations.

The BBC is reporting that a video of a poll watcher being denied access to a Philadelphia polling station — which has almost two million views on Twitter — is authentic, but that it does not depict an attempt to thwart poll watchers. Rather, it suggests that there was confusion around new guidelines for poll watchers. The poll watcher in the video was later admitted to the polling station with an apology. 

According to the report, the confusion is due to new regulations that allow poll watchers to survey multiple locations. In previous years, a poll watcher was assigned to observe only one location.

CISA Remains Vigilant for Cyber Attacks

19:32 EST

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has been on high alert for cyberattacks against voting and polling station. 

According to a stream of tweets from VOA Reporter Jeff Seldin, so far, CISA has recorded fewer than normal cyber attacks this election year. Cybersecurity officials continue to work “aggressively” to root out other potential hacks.

Jeff Seldin is also warning of possible misinformation campaigns circulating on Russian state-backed media. Cybercrime officials warn: “These are organs of the state. These are mouthpieces of the state. Treat them accordingly. w/a hefty, hefty, hefty dose of skepticism”

ShutDownDC, BLM Crowds in DC Are Beginning to Face Off With DC Police

17:57 EST

The group ShutDownDC has amassed a large group in the “Black Lives Matter Plaza” in DC. It is now facing off with metro police. 

Several tweets from the group and affiliated individuals show police attempting to corral the group and impose order on the demonstrators.

Crowds Gather Near White House

16:53 EST

The DC Examiner is reporting that a group of protesters, chanting “F**k Donald Trump,” has gathered near the White House.

Fox News Correspondent Reporting Anti-Facist “Traffic” in LA

16:52 EST

Bill Melugin for FOXLA tweeted that he’s seeing anti-facist flyers circulating throughout LA. The flyers are calling for people to gather in Pershing Square to “watch the election results.”

ShutDownDC Mobilizing in DC Protest Prep

16:23 EST

A Fox News report suggests that ShutDownDC is organizing a major protest in downtown DC this evening and calling people to take to the streets after they finish voting. 

Fox News also stated that several leaked documents show that “a loose but coordinated network of activists seeking to mobilize around the country, especially if Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden loses or if President Trump contests the election results.”

The ShutDownDC website has the following published: 

“We’ll also be watching the election results coming in on big screens. Votes will still be coming in, so this will (probably) not be the time we need to create disruption to stop a coup – yet. But we’ll be in a good place to respond to whatever might happen. This has been a really long and dark era so we’re going to be together to process our feelings of hope, anger, fear and exhaustion as a community.   

Regardless of the results, election-night programming will probably wrap up around midnight so we can be energized and ready to hit the streets again on the 4th.”

Michigan Secretary of State Says Michigan Votes May Be Tallied Earlier Than Expected

16:10 EST

According to an update from CNN, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has reported that she expects the state’s vote could be tallied much sooner than previously expected. According to the report, the ballots could be counted “soon after the polls close.”

“What we’ve seen is such high efficiency and so little problems that I now think we’ll clearly get results much sooner,” Benson said. “We anticipate a mix of both in-person voting results and absentee voting results will be part of the results, the first results, you hear out of Michigan.”

Benson also reported that there have been no reports of voter intimidation or violence and that the wave of robocalls that hit the state earlier was “not as widespread as immediately thought.”

Despite Long Lines, Polling Places Remain Peaceful

14:20 EST

From Connecticut to Nevada, polling locations are seeing long lines for in-person voting. News 12 of Connecticut is reporting that Connecticut Secretary of State Denise Merrill says that about 50 percent of Connecticut voters have voted in-person as of noon today. Including absentee ballots, 75 percent of Connecticut voters have already voted.

Despite the long lines, many outlets are saying that voters are patiently waiting to cast their ballots.

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Says No Need to Batten Down the Hatches

12:50 EST

The New York Daily News reported that NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio is working to reassure New Yorkers that there will be no widespread unrest in the city. Despite his reassurances, SOFREP members on the ground in New York City confirm that restaurants and businesses across the city have been boarding up storefronts with plywood barricades.

Michigan AG Confirms Fake Robocalls Reports

12:25 EST

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel tweeted that voters in Flint, Michigan are receiving robocalls advising them to vote tomorrow in order to avoid “long lines.” These calls are false. Voting concludes today.

Wave of False Robo Calls Reported

12:20 EST

Several reports of false robocalls prompting people to vote tomorrow instead of today have been reported in a number of states including Massachusets, New York, New Hampshire, Michigan, Nebraska, and Georgia.

WWI Memorial Vandalized With Anti-Voting Message

12:10 EST

3KSN News in Kansas City has reported this morning that the World War I Memorial and museum in Kansas City was vandalized with anti-voting messaging. According to the report, the graffiti read: “DON’T VOTE! FIGHT FOR REVOLUTION.”

The spray paint also includes a picture of a hammer and sickle. The symbol most commonly refers to communism, first adopted in the Russian Revolution.

Officials have reported that the graffiti has been removed.

The WWI Museum is a polling place for the election today.

12:00 EST

All across America, cities are preparing for the possibility of unrest as results from election day are released. Businesses have boarded up windows with plywood barricades. Police precincts have been put on alert. Even the White House has beefed up its security by erecting a new outer “non-scalable” fence around the premises in the last 24 hours.

As the polls open across the nation, SOFREP will be monitoring our channels to bring you reports of violence, unrest, and voter intimidation. We’ll be working throughout election day and into the night to offer live updates and new information. Updates will be posted with a timestamp so you can keep track of the most up-to-date reports.

If you experience unrest, violence, or intimidation, we ask that you share it with us; You can tag us on Twitter @sofrepofficial or find us on Facebook. You can also send us reports directly via email to [email protected].

-The SOFREP Team