The AMK Field Trauma kit has been one of my more constant companions since I received it for review. Fortunately for me I haven’t had any emergencies or traumas to treat in the time I’ve had the kit. Unfortunately for you I can’t give a detailed description of how I stopped a sucking chest wound for you to read. Since AMK uses popular and well-known gear in their kits you already know it’s well made and effective medical gear. I have quite a few IFAK like kits in my collection and this is easily the smallest and most convenient one I’ve ever had.

AMK Trauma Kit - Final Review
The Full Kit

The AMK Trauma kit is an excellent option for everyday carry. It doesn’t scream military or tactical in any way so you can stay incognito. The kit isn’t small enough to be back pocket-friendly, but if you carry a laptop bag or a backpack it hardly takes up any room. Even if you just leave it in your center console or glove box you are light years ahead of not having the kit at all.

The kit has a number of highlights that should be mentioned. The kit is made from tons of gear that is infinitely handy in everyday situations. A few pieces of gear stand out.

AMK Trauma Kit Highlights

AMK Trauma Kit - Final Review
The Highlights

Quikclot Clotting Sponge

Quikclot Clotting sponge is a hemostatic agent combined with gauze. The primary agent is kaolin which is an inorganic mineral that aids in the body’s natural clotting process. These sponges have replaced the traditional granule Quikclot in the United States military and have proven to be much more effective than the granule form. It does not burn, or cause pain of any kind. It can be used anywhere normal gauze can be used. This stuff has proven to be a lifesaver in the military and is an excellent must have for a trauma kit.


Gloves are a piece of gear that is rarely included in a kit. A lot of modern IFAK’s are based off the military standard, which is good, but doesn’t include gloves. They would be useless in a military IFAK. Bloodborne pathogens are a very real risk, and you should do everything in your power to protect yourself from them.

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