I’m a big advocate of having a basic trauma kit pretty much everywhere. I like to have one in my house, and one in each vehicle. A basic trauma, or first aid kit, is invaluable to have. Whether it’s treating headaches from dehydration, or cleaning and bandaging a wound caused by a wild fishing hook, or most importantly stopping the bleeding of a major wound. You need a Corpsman’s loadout to save a life, just a small kit can make a big difference for the outdoorsman and adventurer in all of us. The Adventure Medical Kits Field Trauma kit is designed to be a simple addition to any day pack, vehicle, range bag, or even a cargo pocket.

The Pocket Trauma Kit

It is a very small trauma kit that contains quite the punch. As a small kit, it addresses wounds that start at small cuts and go up to severe bleeding and trauma. It contains a surprising amount of supplies for such a small bag and it seems to be quite the complete kit. It features a Quickclot sponge, gauze, moleskin, antiseptic wipes, some basic over the counter medications, and even two sets of sterile gloves with biological waste baggies, along with a ton of supplies I’m forgetting.

AMK Trauma Kit - A First Look
The Trauma Kit in all its glory

Knowledge is Power

One feature I really like is that it comes with a Wilderness and Travel medicine pocket guidebook. This 220-page guide is written by a medical doctor and includes information on shock, head injuries, rescue breathing, how to deal with trauma to the eyes, ears, and nose. You get a guide to Diving medicine, heat illness, hypothermia, and even lightning injuries! I haven’t read much of the book yet, but it seems to be an incredible guide that makes this kit worth the price of admission.

AMK Trauma Kit - A First Look
220 pages of “power”

The small bag has a basic carrying handle and the back has two small sections of webbing that would allow it to be lashed to gear if needed. It’s small, lightweight, and can fit anywhere. It’s not a complete EMT kit, but it’s not a minimalist kit either.