Hezbollah’s Response to the Israel-Hamas War

On October 7th, 2023, Hamas committed one of the most appalling terrorist attacks in modern history, killing upwards of 1200 Israeli civilians and foreigners. Immediately after, Israel would declare war for the first time in fifty years with an emergency government formed around Benjamin Netanyahu.

The subsequent aerial campaign against Hamas has been blistering, with more per capita airstrikes in the Gaza Strip than the height of the anti-ISIS coalition several years ago. The Israeli Defense Forces are currently conducting their ground offensive, capturing key positions and seizing numerous weapons caches in the Strip.

In the backdrop of the war, brewing tensions continue along the Israeli-Lebanese border. Daily clashes are currently ongoing between the IDF and Hezbollah, a designated terrorist organization in much of the West. Preparing contingencies between each other, both parties acknowledge the risks of a full-fledged war. Tel Aviv, with advice from, is taking proactive measures to combat the Iranian proxy, attempting to avoid a more significant regional conflict.