Israel and the Iranian-backed militia, Hezbollah, have been in a state of a frozen war for several decades. Using a tit-for-tat foreign policy against each other, both parties have resorted to using a more neutral ground, such as Syria, in low-level attacks.

Over the past few months, the risk of war has greatly heightened as Lebanon and Israel are going through a political crisis. With the Islamic Republic in control of Hezbollah, they could order the group to distract and cause chaos against Israel while they pursue a nuclear weapon. Similarly, Tel Aviv has been in a state of alert with increasing activity from their northern border.

A new war between both factions could cause chaos, unlike what the Middle East has seen throughout the chaotic wars over the last few decades. Israel, one of the world’s most powerful and technologically advanced militaries, has capabilities that most of the region does not have. Hezbollah has a deadly rocket arsenal that has every major Israeli city within firing range.