Have you ever been somewhere and looked down at your smart phone only to realize you forgot to charge it the night before and now it only has 10% battery left? I’ve been in that boat several times. Some of the apps on our phones are more battery intensive than others, such as GPS apps or weather apps. I’ve also noticed when my kids watch Netflix on my phone that the battery drains a lot faster. If you’re relying on your smart phone for GPS directions, whether your driving in an unknown area or hiking on a trail you’ve never been on before, that last thing you want to happen is for the battery to die. With modern-day technology and all the electronic devices we depend on, it has become increasingly important to keep those devices charged. Usually Murphy’s law states that when you need to use said device that the battery will be dead, especially if you are away from home and have no access to power outlets.

I carry an iPhone daily and rely on it for phone calls, emails, social media and GPS navigation. Without comms and navigation, especially in an emergency you’re putting yourself and family (if they are with you) at risk. In the bag I carry to work everyday I keep a portable charger in case I need to charge my iPhone on the go or someone else’s if they need to recharge their smart phone. To me it’s a necessity for any go-bag.

Once you decide to buy one and start searching online you’ll be presented with several brands and several options depending on how much recharge time you’re seeking. When I decided to add one to my everyday go-bag I settled on a company named Anker. The specific model I chose was the Anker PowerCore+ 20100.

The Anker PowerCore+ 20100 gives me the ability to recharge my iPhone from a dead battery 7 times. You can purchase a larger portable charger depending on your needs, but for me I figured being able to recharge 7 times would be plenty before I was somewhere that I could plug into an AC outlet. I’ve been using my PowerCore for a few months now and take it with me just about everywhere.

The PowerCore+ 20100 will need to be initially charged when you first receive it. This will take on average 10 to 12 hours. Once it has been fully charged you’re ready to throw it in your bag and have piece of mind that you have a way to keep your comms and navigation operational for an extended period of time.

From the Anker website:

Anker PowerCore Portable Charger | Quick Look

Visit the Anker website today to get your PowerCore Portable Charger. MSRP on the PowerCore+ 20100 that I personally use is $59.99.