The blood hadn’t dried from the homophobic terrorists shooting rampage when leading politicians began blaming the gun and calling for a ban on sales of the AR-15.

The central issue is never the gun (per se) but rather, in whose hands are the guns? The politicians were wrong in their finger pointing. Turns out the Orlando jihadist used a Sig Sauer MCX, not an AR clone.

It all sounds so disgustingly familiar – the rush to judgment, the emailed action alerts, pleading for contributions to fight the devil de jure.

Have we learned nothing from our impatience to “do something“ after 9/11 resulting in our sorrowful passage of the freedom-constricting Patriot Act?

Trump supporters and Bernie supporters all agree – “what we’ve been doing isn’t working, let’s try something else.” Americans have real problems and we no longer retain the luxury to play “identity politics“ and blame citizens who own guns – because they (we) didn’t do it!

Was the carnage the fault of the gun?


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