Upon hearing about my fellow TAG team member Brian‘s article titled “Do All Roads Lead to Glock?,” I knew with absolute certainty I had to present the other half of the argument and be that guy—the Glock hater. I’m tired of shootists perpetually singing the praises of this platform—it’s the ultimate in reliability, they’re inexpensive, all the pros use them—and I intend to call attention to a few of the downsides. If you read this article and say, “well half of that is just personal preference,” you’re absolutely correct. Take it with a grain of salt. And if you’re a devout Glock lover, a couple ibuprofen, too.

1. Spongy trigger:

Stock triggers on Glocks are like bad employees: They’re creepy, gritty, and inconsistent. Don’t feed me a line about aftermarket modifications to improve the trigger, either. Yes, I know that Glock, being so popular, has widely available aftermarket parts, many of them inexpensive and easy to install. But if I buy a new car, I don’t want to have to immediately take it to a body shop to have the steering improved, even if it’s cheap to do it.

2. No external safety: