We have featured Swab-It’s before on the site back in November 2016 when brought you the Swab-It’s reusable 9mm bore swabs. So we were already very aware of the company when they approached us at SHOT Show 2017 and offered us a small sample of their latest yet to be released product the AR-15 Chamber Swab. I was excited when the site was approached about doing a test and evaluation cycle on the new swab-its especially since I absolutely hate to clean my guns and anything to help make that process suck less would be a welcomed change.

Who , What, When, Where 

Who: Swab-it’s (A division of Super Brush Inc)

What: AR-15 Star Chamber Reusable Swab

When: Release scheduled for March 2017

Where: Available at the following sources

  • Brownells
  • Midway USA
  • Swab It’s. Com
  • Amazon

Price: $14.99 for a three pack

Swab Its vs Traditional Swab

The Swab-It’s AR-15 Star Chamber Swab is designed to be a smaller, lighter and easier to use alternative to the above shown traditional chamber swab. One of the major difference with between the two is that the traditional swab requires the user have a section of cleaning rod to secure the swab to. The Swab-It’s style chamber swab is mounted to a  8 1/2″ long polymer rod with a paddle end for easy use. The rod extends entire length of the 2′ foam swab and so far in our test and evaluation process is performing as well as every other Swab-It’s product we have tried. At first glance the idea of using a washable foam swab for the application of cleaners and oils seems odd, but it quickly changed my thinking process months ago.

It’s hard to get excited about cleaning supplies or cleaning brushes but I can tell you from first hand use that the Swab-It’s brushes are much better overall than traditional patches or swabs. One thing that I also figured out about the Swab-It’s is that on average they are cheaper than a traditional swab. At Brownells.Com a traditional AR-15 chamber swab is $4.95, when you take the MSRP of a three pack of Swab-It’s and divide it by three they average $4.66 a piece. I know that’s not a ton of savings, but stop and consider that the traditional swab will eventually look like a smelly soaked rat and will have to be thrown out. The Swab-It’s star chamber brushes are able to be washed and dried to extend their service life far beyond that of the traditional swab.

What do you think of the Swab-It’s Star Chamber Cleaning Swab vs the traditional mil-spec chamber swab debate ? Is it worth it to you as the end user to save .30 cents per swab and have the ability to wash and reuse your cleaning supplies, or does it matter to you at all ? We want to hear what our readers think, after the introduction of Swab-It’s to the site we heard some great feedback. Use the comments section below to voice your opinion, or if you want to try your hand at writing for the site drop us a line also.


Swab in Use


This article is courtesy of The Arms Guide.