With the latest lone wolf terror attack in Orlando we are again being threatened with numerous firearms bans. Politicians and main stream media are both labeling these weapons anything but what they are. I have personally used these style rifles in the defense of my country and now as a veteran. In the hands of a trained, disciplined, and responsible person this platform can be a game changer, especially in the face of a terror attack.

If we Americans are to be effective in the defense of our country then our politicians need to keep the chains off of our hands and let us do the deed. There is a saying that goes something like this, ‘To beat a pirate you have to become a pirate‘. What does that mean? That means that we need to be able to fight on a level playing field. Statistics clearly show that where there has been an armed citizen during an active shooter event there has been considerably less blood shed. When the bullets start flying, seconds count when the first responders are minutes away. Do yourself and those around you a favor and get proper training, get your concealed carry permit, and invest in quality gear. Take a look at the following video with Dom Raso as he explains his perspective of the recent attacks on America and the importance of arming responsible citizens.

We will begin a series on Surviving Violent Attacks and highlight the firearms and gear we recommend to stack the odds in your favor.

(Featured image courtesy of bustled.com)

This post was originally published on the Loadout Room and written by Scott Witner