There are an absolute ton of AR 15 magazines on the market, enough to match the mass amount of AR 15 manufacturers. AR 15 magazines can hardly even be called AR 15 magazines. So many different platforms use the magazine it is essentially the standard 5.56 magazine. There is the Tavor, the AUG, the SCAR, the Zastava M90NP, the Mossberg MVP, and more. With this in mind, we wanted to grab few of the most popular magazines on the market and do our own AR 15 magazine test to check their reliability, their function, and durability.


Overview of AR 15 Magazines for testing

We used a dozen magazines for this test, including polymer, metal, and hybrids. This isn’t an exhaustive list of AR 15 magazines, and we may do another series of these tests. The magazines included in this test are the following,

  • Lancer L5
  • Magpul Gen 3
  • Thermold
  • D&H GI Mag
  • FN Scar magazine
  • Daniel Defense DD 32
  • ETS AR 15 magazine
  • Troy Battle Mag
  • Amend 2 magazines
  • Hexmags
  • CAA Windowed Magazine
  • Mission First Tactical mag


Best floor plate contest?


For this AR 15 magazine test we needed to use consistent and reliable ammunition. I also wanted something relatively affordable. I went with Armscor 223 in 62 grain. I’ve found Armscor in the past to be very reliable and consistent, and it’s brass cased and affordable. I needed quality ammo that could also take on some more extreme conditions a little later on in these tests.

Stand Out Features

These magazines have their own standout features that should be mentioned or share characteristics that put them in one group over another.

Simply Polymer

These AR 15 magazines are simple and made entirely from polymer without any standout features. These include the

  • Magpul Pmag, the original high quality polymer magazine.
  • The Amend 2 magazine, an affordable and stylish magazines.
  • Thermold magazines that are crazy cheap, and readily available
  • Mission First tactical magazines are a newer design and quite affordable as well

Simply Metal

The Gi style metal magazines in this test include the,