A few years ago while I was writing for one of our brother websites in the Hurricane Media Group (Then Force12Media) in a rage of disgust over a series of issues I had with my AR-15 I vowed that I would and could never trust it again. Well that article sparked a whole list of issues ranging from people attacking my military service history; one person going so far as to say since I was in the United States Air Force as a Civil Engineer that I wasn’t “really” in the military. Funny thing is my DD-214 says differently, but I digress. I was of course bombarded with the usual name calling and even a few credible threats of people coming to my house to “Beat my ass.” Needless to say I learned many things since then, I learned management will support its workers as will fellow staff writers. I learned that some of the people who read my article actually reached out to me and were willing to help me with the problems I was facing and acted like professionals. This has actually been extremely helpful to me and ultimately lead to me finding a laundry list of problems that I was facing with the particular rifle that was at the cause of the issues.

The Guns in Question 

There were actually two AR-15’s that were causing me nightmares and started me on the path to the dark side (AK-47 rifles), one was a 10.5″ barreled rifle and the other was a 16″ barreled rifle. The rifles were from two different manufactures and were parts build guns built over a few months. There are more than a few people right now reading that and saying “well of course you had problems….” we will get to all that in just a little bit. The first rifle that caused began to cause issues was actually the 16″ rifle I had built on a Smith & Wesson lower and an unknown branded upper. The “builder” and I use that term loosely was a friend of a friend and I was assured was a great because he “built them in the Army” In hindsight there are so many red flags with my AR-15 odyssey that its enough to make someone’s head spin. The 10.5 ” gun had been problematic from the start, too many parts from too many different manufacturers, and the project seemed to fight me from the very first days I began to lay it out.

The Problems