Low bore axis. I often deride the term as kind of dumb. People like to mention SIG’s high bore axis, or Glock high bore axis and complain about muzzle flip. I generally think these people just need to learn how to hold a gun. But there exists a small sliver of me believing just how much bore axis really affects a handgun. Without a doubt on a technical level bore axis plays a role in how a gun handles, but I was pretty certain something measured in millimeters was more an issue of control and manipulation than bore height. Maybe I’m wrong. I’m willing to admit I am because I experienced the Stryk B pistol at the Industry Range Day from Archon (formerly Arsenal firearms.)


The Stryk B – It’s Pronounced Strike

I’m one of those gun nuts who tends to be a contrarian. That leads me to being a hipster and going with the CZ series of firearms. I know how a ‘low bore axis’ is supposed to feel. Even so the Stryk B took me by surprise. Range day was the first time I handled a Stryk Pistol and I walked away questioning the very beliefs I hold dear. I’ll talk like a Private, “So you see what happened was I got my hands on a Stryk B, a few magazines and a few steel targets at 15 yards.”