Low bore axis. I often deride the term as kind of dumb. People like to mention SIG’s high bore axis, or Glock high bore axis and complain about muzzle flip. I generally think these people just need to learn how to hold a gun. But there exists a small sliver of me believing just how much bore axis really affects a handgun. Without a doubt on a technical level bore axis plays a role in how a gun handles, but I was pretty certain something measured in millimeters was more an issue of control and manipulation than bore height. Maybe I’m wrong. I’m willing to admit I am because I experienced the Stryk B pistol at the Industry Range Day from Archon (formerly Arsenal firearms.)


The Stryk B – It’s Pronounced Strike

I’m one of those gun nuts who tends to be a contrarian. That leads me to being a hipster and going with the CZ series of firearms. I know how a ‘low bore axis’ is supposed to feel. Even so the Stryk B took me by surprise. Range day was the first time I handled a Stryk Pistol and I walked away questioning the very beliefs I hold dear. I’ll talk like a Private, “So you see what happened was I got my hands on a Stryk B, a few magazines and a few steel targets at 15 yards.”

Did I know I would go into this experience learning that maybe bore axis matter more than I thought? No, I’m a gun writer, I pretend to know everything. Once I hit the range I put a mag slowly through the gun, taking my time, and getting a feel for it. It was great. The trigger was good, the reset could be better, and the design overall seemed well thought and easy to handle. Sure proprietary mags suck, but Mec Gar was making them. The gun already had a lot going for it.

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The Archon firearms rep handed me another mag and said, “Go Faster.” I’ve been writing about guns for 6 years and the one thing I know is that free ammo is the best ammo. I said yes sir, loaded my gun and went to town.

I was suitably impressed at how easy the Stryk B was to rapid fire. It was so controllable, to a degree beyond my normal comprehension of bore axis. I couldn’t believe I could fire that fast and keep rounds on target with such ease. Muzzle rise was almost nonexistent. The gun handles incredibly well, and its made me consider the bore axis argument a bit more.

Beyond Bore Axis

So that’s my deal with bore axis, but I’d regret not talking a bit more about the gun. The Stryk B is a well thought ut and well made gun. The gun is cut for Glock sights so your options are close to endless. The gun comes with 4 magazines, and a nice set of high viz sights. The magazine release can also be swapped for left handed shooters without the need of tools. The biggest downside is that the release date still isn’t cemented, so watch this space for more info.


This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.