Seeking Naval Dominance

Communist China is engaged in a Cold War with the United States and other countries in Asia, and we are kidding ourselves by pretending otherwise. This is proven by the repeated incursions by Chinese spy balloons, its aggression in the South China Sea, and its illegal annexation of islands, reefs, and shoals in the Spratley and Paracel islands, where it has prepared some 27 military bases and outposts in the last 20 years. At sea, the Chinese communist navy seeks out confrontation with the navies of the United States, Japan, the UK, and Australia with the aim of controlling the South China Sea and even the Sea of Japan.

Regarding foreign policy, China has announced publically that it seeks to be the economic and military hegemon from the Aleutian islands of Alaska to the Hawaiian Islands in the East and to the West to control the Indian Ocean all the way to the coast of East Africa.

Chinese cold warriors. Screenshot from

In furtherance of this goal, China is building a vast navy of frigates and destroyers and now even full-sized aircraft carriers with and building sustainment bases near choke points near the Suez and Panama canals. It has also courted European countries like Poland, Greece, Italy, Austria, and Portugal for its Belt and Road trade initiative. In addition, a deal with Jamaica could one day mean Chinese naval vessels patrolling the Gulf of Mexico. Can you imagine being on a cruise in the Gulf, looking out to sea, and seeing a Chinese warship? That’s something I don’t want to happen.

Recently, Chinese spy Balloons have been in the news, with reports that as many as 160 may have overflown the United States or approached coastal areas in past years. While these events are probably not of great value from an intelligence standpoint for the Chinese, they represent a posture of belligerence towards the US that should not be ignored.