Are you a biker? Then you understand the importance of upper body protection. Bikers are no strangers to the risk of on-the-road accidents, and the importance of safety gear is paramount. 

That’s why bikers like me are obsessed with upper body protection. Whether you’re looking for a full-body suit or just a few pieces of protective gear, here are three reasons why you should invest in upper-body protection:

  1. It provides physical protection against impacts and abrasions in the event of an accident.
  2. It gives you an extra layer of psychological safety, giving you a sense of confidence.
  3. It increases visibility on the road, ensuring that other drivers can see you more easily.

So, whether you’re a seasoned biker or just getting started, investing in upper body protection is a must.

Physical Protection

At the most basic level, upper body protection provides physical protection against impacts and abrasions in the event of an accident. Depending on the type of gear you choose, this might be achieved through the heavy-duty fabric, or it could also include shock-absorbing materials, such as foam. 

Protective Shirt

Regardless of the specific materials used, this gear will help protect your arms, shoulders, and chest, reducing potential injuries such as road rash. Interestingly, upper body protection is often less noticeable than full-body suits, meaning you don’t look like you could be cosplaying as Robocop on the bike. This can be a psychological relief, as you don’t feel like you’re wearing a giant suit of armor. You can still move with ease, and you can also breathe comfortably, so you don’t feel too restricted.

Psychological Safety

Beyond the physical protection that full-body gear may provide, it can also give you an extra layer of psychological safety. Every little bit of added confidence can make a massive difference in your security when you’re out on the road. This is especially true when you’re just starting out as a biker. 

With the right gear, you can feel more secure and in control of your ride, which can help reduce the anxiety often associated with the beginning of a new hobby. In addition, when you wear upper body protection, you look like you mean business. Finally, it shows other drivers that you are serious about your safety and theirs. 

Chest Protector

This can help to prevent unnecessary accidents on the road. Finally, the right gear can also help to protect you from the elements. It can shield you from rain, wind, and cold temperatures. It’s much better to be a little too warm than chilly and uncomfortable during your ride.

Because honestly, your life is worth more than a couple hundred bucks you’re gonna spend on a good-quality protection suit. 

Improved Visibility

The proper upper body protection will ensure you are highly visible on the road. This is especially important during the fall and winter when the weather is less forgiving, and the sun sets earlier. Wearing reflective gear can also help to improve your visibility, but it can’t compare to the effectiveness of a full-body suit. A full-body suit is easy to spot and provides a wide range of colors and designs, so you can find one that suits your personality. 

Full-body suits are also great for increasing your road visibility when biking in a group. They make it easy for other riders to spot you and for drivers to notice your presence as you pass by. In addition, you can find full-body suits in a wide range of colors, which makes them easy to spot from a distance.

Invest in Troy Lee’s Top of the Line Upper Body Protection

Troy Lee Designs have always been my favorite bike accessory and clothing brand. It is one of the most recognizable names in upper body protection, with a long history of creating high-quality gear for bikers. 

Their UPL7855 HW YTH Solid Black Suit is one of the most advanced full-body suits on the market, boasting a lightweight, breathable, stylish, and functional design. The suit has been designed to conform to your body while providing excellent upper-body protection. In addition, it features a wide variety of colors and designs, so you can find one that suits your personality. 

Troy Lee’s Rockfight Chest Protector is also one of the most advanced upper body protection suits on the market and is actually offered at a competitive price point. It also has Stone Shield certification on the front plate for proven protection from roost and other lofted debris. This suit can last many, many, many years. 

Are you a biker? Have you used upper-body suits before? Let me know in the comments below.