Beginning in April, all positions in 19 series armor, 11 series infantry, and the 13F forward observer specialty will open to women.

Women who enlist for the newly-opened specialties beginning Friday will ship to basic combat training later this year.

What it means, though, is all of the traditional combat-arms branches are now open to both female officers and enlisted.

The only remaining military occupational specialties not yet open to women are Rangers and Special Forces.

Brig. Gen. Donna W. Martin, deputy commanding general for operations, U.S. Army Recruiting Command, Fort Knox, Kentucky, said she anticipates that Special Forces will soon follow.


As it did with the other combat-arms specialties, the Army wants officers and noncommissioned officers in place before new female Soldiers head to infantry and armor units, Martin said. With this “leaders first approach,” the Army will have women to serve as role models as well as mentors for new female Soldiers in the unit.

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