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Everyone understands the importance of quality assurance and crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s. Still, folks are bewildered and annoyed by these trackers that have begun to drive the workflow in the team room. The overall opinion and impression I’m hearing is this: these trackers mean well but due to disinterest and administrative incompetence they’re more trouble than their worth. These administrative tasks distract operators from the task at hand.

At the operational level, morale is low and what trackers have come to symbolize is a metaphor for how many feel. That those who are compliant move forward, and those who speak their minds will fail, constructive or not. I never thought I would hear the phrase “yes, men” used so liberally to describe the prevailing sentiment towards leadership in a Special Operations unit. A place where unconventional, outside-the-box thinking is encouraged. We’re problem solvers, not creators.

On my team, we have had to show up late to the range and return early to finish online training. But, everyone just clicks through the online training to finish as fast as possible. It’s an exercise in “GoogleFu”, not whatever the subject matter may be. In some ways, we felt like we were being treated like children and we acted accordingly.