Police sources have identified the suspect in Sunday’s deadly west Houston shooting as Dionisio Garza III.

According to police sources, the suspect previously served in the military and served several tours of duty overseas. Sources also said he had recently expressed anti-government sentiments.

A second man identified as Byron Wilson is no longer a suspect and was in fact a Good Samaritan trying to help in the shooting.

The Good Samaritan was shot by the suspect as he tried to help and fight back. Wilson was critically injured, but he is expected to survive.

In total, two people were killed, including the suspect, and six others were injured.

The medical examiner on Monday identified the second deceased victim in the shooting as Eugene Linscomb.

One of the survivors was saved in part by a 17-year-old Boy Scout.

Nick Latiolais was driving with his mom to a doctor’s appointment when he saw a group of people surrounding a man lying on the road.

“He was in like, a lot of pain,” Latiolais said. “He was screaming a lot.”

Latiolais pulled his car over and ran to help.

“He was just saying, ‘Help me! Help me!’ and he was grabbing his leg and I saw some blood around one of his legs.” he explained.

The man was one of the seven innocent gunshot victims. Latiolais rendered aid as the shooting rampage was underway.

“I never heard any gunshots but I had a lot of adrenaline going to my body, I guess. It was pretty scary when I realized that there was still some guy running around with a gun.” he said.

The teen used the victim’s vest to help stop the bleeding and tried to keep him calm.

“I just made sure I told him you know, ‘you’re doing great. Help is on the way. It looks like you’re going to be all right.’”

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