One of the most difficult arts to master, and the most sought after, in the shooting world for most is the art of the long gun. For most shooters, taking their favorite rifle down to the range and shooting at a target at 100 yards is fun and challenging. Hitting a reactive target or even grouping well with their rifle at this range is both challenging and satisfying. And for a lot of shooters, they have no desire to go beyond that. Their favorite rifle is “accurate enough”, and they are content to believe 100 yards is a long shot. Gun magazines tout the accuracy of rifles and post up groups taken at 100 yards with their favorite ammo, and this is all well and good to some.

When you enter the world of long-distance shooting, where shots past 1 kilometer are de rigueur, however, many things change and become more important. The rifle’s characteristics play a great part, but so do the shooter’s own skills, and in this world, the key to success is all about the fundamentals.


It’s All About Control