In the ever-shifting sands of military tech, where innovation is as crucial as firepower, Artis dropped a game-changer: the Sentinel third-generation active protection systems (APS).

Defense on the Cutting-edge

This latest tech from Artis isn’t just another piece of hardware; it’s a lifeline against the threats that have been keeping us up at night—attacks from above.

And this might be the shield we’ve been waiting for for the US Army and others who play in the big leagues.

The Army’s dance with Artis isn’t new.

They looked at the Iron Curtain system for their combat vehicles but eventually passed.

The Sentinel, though, is a different beast—a third-generation active protection system that’s laser-focused on tackling the top attack threats.

A Shield Against the Sky

Here’s the deal: the Sentinel is built to take on pretty much anything thrown at it from above.

We’re talking tank rounds, anti-tank missiles, RPGs, and those pesky exploding drones that have been wreaking havoc.