As the rise of drones presses on, China has been one of the countries leading the global production market both in military (combat) and civilian use. They have manufactured and exported a wide range of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in different countries, mainly in the Middle East.

In recent years, the country has gained market share in the drone industry thanks to the massive funds it received from the government that helped ramp up research and development, subsequently, production and manufacture of the technology. And with this comes a precautionary tactic Beijing set to limit this highly exported technology from being used against them.

Drone ‘Watchdogs’

The South China Morning Post reported last week that Chinese drones have reportedly integrated a so-called hidden “watchdog” technology into all of its combat and reconnaissances drones that could prevent, if not restrict, enemies from using these UAVs to attack Beijing’s territories.

The report, citing an anonymous source close to the military, said that these devices had equipped a component capable of recognizing an “electric geofence” that wraps along China’s borders. It is a virtual boundary that, through the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, can control the movement of electric vehicles such as drones. Once these Chinese-built UAVs detect that it is approaching or entering the country, they can either turn around, slow down, or even disable themselves via self-destruction.