At 5pm Pacific on March 12, 2015, SOFREP Author Derek Gannon drops in live to give you a glimpse into his areas of interest, including South Sudan, Somalia, Boko Haram, ISIS and Syria. (For extra fun, ask him about the Police expose he’s working on.)

Derek’s bio reads: A veteran of U.S. Army Special Forces. He researches and reports on West Africa, North African, and Horn of Africa Terror Networks & News. Ministry of Ungentlemenly Warfare Member, Humanist, and Former Armed Anthropologist that longs of what was, The American Dream. Veteran of 82nd, 173rd, RTB, & “The Legion” 5th Special Forces Group (A/1/5 CCIF). Twitter: @M1k351x.

Please ask your questions in the comments below. He’s a Green Beret, but he’s still just one man, so he’ll answer as many of your questions as he can.

Derek previously held a session like this in the forums. We wanted to try it here in Warning Order so you can take advantage of the realtime commenting system. Please let us know if you like this type of experience or not.

(Featured Image Courtesy: DVIDs)