In an effort to further minimize my EDC I have begun to carry a new light. Regular handheld lights can be difficult to conceal and carry a weight that could be better used in a different capacity like an extra magazine or a fixed blade knife. Consequently, I have found a pretty good trade off to be the ASP Pocket light.

I carry the ASP Pocket light attached to my RAM key fob and it is remarkably unnoticeable in my pocket. With a total length of 2.9 inches and a diameter of only a half of an inch this light is so compact that I forget I even have it. Weighing .8 ounces with the battery, a first glance concern would be brightness. How bright can a keychain light really be?

ASP Pocket Light

The answer is that its bright enough to take place of your normal EDC light. Not a good enough answer? To be more specific the light has two separate output levels, one measuring at only 15 lumens while the high setting puts out 80 lumens. Not bad for a keychain light.