After destroying six Aleppo medical facilities over the weekend, the Syrian regime of Bashar al Assad regime has unveiled its strategy for the besieged city.

In other areas its policy has been summed up as “submit or starve.”

In Aleppo, it is “submit or die.”

Between Thursday and Saturday, the regime or its Russian ally bombed four hospitals, rebel-held Aleppo’s only blood bank and a forensic pathology lab, nearly all in the Al Sha’ar neighborhood, one of the biggest and poorest parts of east Aleppo.

The facilities, which included a children’s hospital and a maternity hospital, were not the biggest in the city, but served a population of some 75,000, said Dr. Muhammad al Mahmoud of the Union of Syrian Medical Relief Organizations (UOSSM). Some 12,000 people use the hospitals every month.

Now, after the physical damage to the buildings, the destruction of the oxygen generator in the children’s hospital and power generators in the other three, the four facilities are out of commission and for the time being beyond repair, said Dr. Usama Abu al Izz of the Syrian American Medical Association in Aleppo.

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