In a recent statement, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced Australia’s decision to extend its military support to Ukraine with a significant $110 million aid package. This latest commitment includes the provision of artillery ammunition for the Ukrainian military, demonstrating Australia’s unwavering dedication to assisting Ukraine in its ongoing conflict.

In addition to the military aid, Australia has allocated $10 million to the United Nations to address the urgent humanitarian needs arising from Russia’s aggressive invasion of Ukraine. This financial contribution will be crucial in delivering much-needed assistance to those affected by the conflict.

The recent announcement builds upon Australia’s substantial commitment to supporting Ukraine in its time of need. Previous initiatives have already provided over $650 million worth of aid, encompassing a range of essential resources such as Bushmaster-armored personnel carriers, cutting-edge drones, and ammunition.

As we call it in the military, Australia’s support package can be described as a ‘force multiplier.’ By providing armored vehicles and ammunition, Australia is helping Ukraine to increase its combat power on the ground, which could tip the balance of power in Ukraine’s favor. The support package is also a show of solidarity with Ukraine and sends a strong message to Russia that the international community will not tolerate aggressive actions against sovereign nations.

Australia’s increased support for Ukraine underscores the country’s commitment to upholding international law, supporting democracies, and protecting global security. Providing armored vehicles and ammunition, along with a donation to a UN humanitarian fund, will help Ukraine fight against Russian aggression and provide essential aid to those affected by the conflict.

The Prime Minister also emphasized that Australia’s support for Ukraine would persist as long as necessary.

Defence Minister Richard Marles expressed the government’s expectation of a prolonged conflict in Ukraine, stating, “We will stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes for them to resolve this conflict on their terms.”