Australia has recently received the green light from the US State Department regarding the former’s plans to procure an additional 22 M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS). This procurement, estimated to cost $975 million, now awaits approval from Congress to proceed.

Once approved, this acquisition will mark a significant step in Canberra’s efforts to modernize its military and enhance its ability to address a range of security challenges effectively, particularly in the Western Pacific region.

The M142 HIMARS is a versatile and mobile rocket artillery system that provides rapid and precise long-range firepower, with an estimated maximum range of at least 500 kilometers. It can launch a variety of munitions, including the Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) pods, which have different warhead options. Moreover, it offers high accuracy through GPS-guided technology, enabling it to engage targets with exceptional precision. Its mobility, rapid deployment capability, and interoperability make it an integral component of modern artillery forces, enhancing both offensive and defensive operations in various scenarios.

the revered American artillery rocket system
High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (Image source: DVIDS)

The HIMARS Procurement Details

The proposed HIMARS acquisition entails not only the long-range rocket systems themselves but also a comprehensive package of support systems and associated munitions. As enumerated by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, the entire procurement includes: