Australia’s elite special forces are the subject of a sweeping review that has led to a slew of disturbing stories about soldiers’ conduct, including during operations in Afghanistan, being referred to an independent investigator.

It’s as though the older generation built up this reputation and now the younger generation are coming through and tearing it down.

The Chief of Army, Lieutenant-General Angus Campbell, told Fairfax Media a “range of unsubstantiated, third-person, hearsay stories” warranted “deeper consideration, but independently”.

“For those, I have sought the assistance of the Inspector General of the ADF to consider the range and nature of those stories and to understand the basis of those stories from an independent point of view,” he said.

Fairfax Media asked General Campbell what kinds of claims were being referred to the watchdog and whether these included unlawful killings and breaches of rules of engagement in combat, but he declined to say.

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Image courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald