In the gritty reality of eastern Ukraine, the smoke of battle barely clears before the next round of hellfire begins.

It’s a tough, unforgiving place, a fact made all too clear in the latest dossier from the UK’s Ministry of Defence.

This Tuesday, February 20th’s report isn’t just another piece of intel. It’s a stark revelation, laying bare the Russian bear’s stumble in the mud of Avdiivka, a city that’s seen more than its fair share of sorrow and destruction.

For months, the relentless pounding of artillery and the grim dance of urban combat swirled around Avdiivka, a city whose fate swung like a pendulum in the thick fog of war.

Moscow, with a boastful claim of victory on February 17th, painted a picture of triumph.

Yet, according to the British Ministry’s insights, that victory is as hollow as a spent shell casing.

The Battle-Worn Bear Needs Rest

The report doesn’t mince words.

It tells us that, sure, the Russians have their flag over Avdiivka, securing strategic spots like the coke plant to the north.