A Daily Dose of Destruction

Our friends at Funker 530 provide us with a daily dose of visual intel on the war in Ukraine. Today we look at drone footage purported to show two distinct artillery shellings on Russian targets. The first shot seems to be on target, and what appears to be Russian fighting vehicles are damaged. Unfortunately, the resolution of this footage is not high enough to conduct an accurate battle damage assessment. The second round impacted a civilian building used to hide and store various types of Russian ammunition. A fire is started, and large plumes of smoke take to the sky. Once the smoke dies down, a drone moves in for a closer look.

Author’s Note: The footage provided to us from The Sun via YouTube is the same as that which appears on the Funker website. Technical issues keep us from posting it here.

Ukraine’s Azov Special Forces Regiment destroys enemy military vehicles and an ammo depot. Video courtesy of YouTube and The Sun.