The Azov regiment claimed on April 11th that the Russian forces had used an unknown poisonous chemical substance against Ukrainian Forces in the besieged city of Mariupol.

SOFREP is fully aware of propaganda from both sides of the war, in yesterday’s SITREP we expressed skepticism that an actual chemical attack occurred given the evidence presented so far.  We think a single use of CS or White Phosphorus is more likely even if it was used improperly. Generally, chemical attacks involve a barrage of many rounds to saturate an area with the chemical for maximum casualties.  A single round or two is not going to be effective. While we would not put it past the Russians to use such munitions given their random shelling of civilian areas and widespread and credible reports of atrocities committed against civil populations, not just in Ukraine but everywhere the Russian army fights, we just don’t think there is enough evidence to support the claim, but we will still report on the claims being made for your information and judgment.

The southern city in Ukraine is known as one of the most heavily bombed cities during the month-old war, where almost all infrastructures were destroyed. It is also the city where Russians bombed various hospitals and evacuation centers.