In what has thrust the internet and social media platforms to be a medium of virtually live streaming the Russo-Ukrainian war to the world, we have seen how the war progressed throughout the four months with our very own eyes. Today, we saw footage of the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces (SSO/SOF) using US-donated Switchblade Kamikazee drones in action against Russian tanks. This is reportedly the first publicized instance the Switchblade has been used in combat.

The footage, which was recorded through its cameras, shows a Russian T-72B3 main battle tank in an open field, the location of which is unknown. The video also shows the Russian crew on top of the tank, not really minding anything in their surroundings. Just as the camera shows the AeroVironment-made Switchblade drone about to hit the crew, the video cuts to which a well-known credits scene often used as a meme plays.

The Ukrainian forces, known for their high spirits while in war, apparently were poking fun at the Russian forces using the Star Wars theme song in the video, making a meme out of the Russians. This is not the first time the Ukrainians have done this form of psyops.