My daily carry may at times include one or two more items than what is listed here, but it is never less than what you see here. In a previous article I wrote about family security, I covered several options for daily carry. Over time, I’ve found that this same configuration is what I keep going back to.

  • Galco Triton holster – The Galco Triton is a quick-on, quick-off holster, and therefore a good option for civilian concealed carry. The robust Kydex clip offers just enough flex to allow quick installation over a belt for inside-the-waistband carry, yet it hangs on with enough tension so that it stays in place when drawing. The Triton’s Kydex seems to be as durable as the Glock’s polymer, and can endure the abuse faced on outdoor gun ranges in a variety of temperatures and weather, as well as daily concealed carry in the same kinds of environments. This holster will easily last a lifetime. With the proper belt, this can be worn comfortably at the 3 o’clock position.
Galco Triton Kydex Holster
Galco Triton Kydex holster
  • Streamlight Pro Tac 2L – This is the best everyday carry light, in my honest opinion. I’ve carried larger Surefire lights and they’re great, but for the average guy wanting a very well-made, durable, and affordable light to carry day-in and day-out, this is it. It’s not bulky and rides in your pocket comfortably.
ProTac 2L Flashlight
ProTac 2L flashlight
  • Emerson CQC7 – With Crucible 154 CM steel blade, G10 fiberglass scale grips, and aerospace-grade titanium liner locks, the Emerson CQC7 is practically indestructible. With a blade length of 3.3″, it’s under the 3.5″ regulation some states have, making it an ideal blade to have on you wherever you go.
Emerson CQC7 Folding Knife
Emerson CQC7 Folding Knife
  • Glock 17 – I’ve added Talon Grip material to enhance the grip. The sights are Ameriglo—a front red fiber and an all-black rear. To help with recoil and overall shot-to-shot accuracy, I replaced the stock recoil spring with a stainless steel spring. To some, the Glock 17 may be too much to conceal, but I like having the capability of accuracy at longer ranges. I personally have no issues concealing the gun using the Galco Triton.
Glock 17 Handgun
Glock 17 handgun

Keep in mind that your everyday carry items will evolve over time with experience and education. What you carry may also change depending on where you’re going and how concealed your kit needs to be. What works for you today may be different two years from now. The key is to stay educated by reading articles from reputable sources and seeking out actual training from proficient instructors.

Please comment below on what you carry and why. If you’re new to the game, this is a great place to ask questions, get recommendations, and educate yourself. Stay safe and stay alert.