The drone swarm. It’s a chilling prospect that has become a grim reality on modern battlefields. BAE Systems aims to counter this threat and more with the unveiling of the Tridon Mk2, a 40mm self-propelled anti-aircraft system designed for the ever-evolving challenges of aerial warfare.

The Mk2 represents the culmination of BAE Systems’ expertise in air defense. It builds upon the proven capabilities of the Bofors 40mm gun, with an effective strike range of up to 12 kilometers (7.4 miles) depending on the target, ammunition, and terrain. This legacy weapon is now outfitted with next-generation technology, making the Mk2 a compelling solution for militaries seeking adaptability, affordability, and unwavering defense.

“The Tridon Mk2 is the ideal solution for combat operations, where soldiers need a proven, high-precision, and reliable anti-aircraft system to keep the skies clear and protect troops and infrastructure,” said Lena Gillström, president of BAE Systems Bofors, in a statement released last Thursday, June 13.

Gillström further explained that the Tridon Mk2’s capability to adapt and “evolve as threats continue to change is what makes it one of the most effective anti-aircraft systems on the market today.

Tridon Mk2 Counter-Drone System: A Multifaceted Defense

The proliferation of drones, particularly in recent conflicts, has exposed a critical gap in traditional air defense capabilities.

The Mk2 is designed to fill this void.

Its core ammunition, the Bofors 3P programmable round, offers exceptional versatility. It can tackle drones of various sizes and cruise missiles, aircraft, and even armored vehicles.