A Word From the Wagner Group

Sources are reporting to The Hill that Ukrainian officials may possibly be forced to exit the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, the administrative center of Bakhmut Raion in Donetsk Oblast. Russian forces and Wagner Group mercenaries have been pounding the city with artillery in recent days. Today, Russia is one step closer to what most would call a major victory than it has been in over half a year of combat.

In the video below, courtesy of YouTube and The Telegraph, we see Yevgeny Prigozhin, Chief of the Wagner Group, address Ukrainian President Zelensky personally, telling him they have the city surrounded and there is only one road left that can be used to leave town. The camera then cuts to what appear to be Ukrainian soldiers, one younger and one older, who appeal directly to President Zelensky to “let them go.” 

Recent reports from Reuters tell of “intense Russian shelling” of roadways leading west from Bakhmut. This is blocking access of Ukrainian forces to the city. The nearby town of Khromove saw damage to a bridge that was used to bring supplies to and from the Bakhmut region. Ukrainian soldiers are hard at work repairing roadways as quickly as possible. Still, at this time, it is unknown if their progress will be able to outpace Russia’s rate of destruction. Ukrainian forces have also reportedly moved to the west of the city, where they are digging trenches to be used as defensive fighting positions.